• 30 N. Maple St,
  • Florence, Ma, 01062
  • 800-618-1512

About Quadrini USA

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers out there, but Quadrini stands out for a few reasons. These Italian-made bikes are both stylish and durable, and are manufactured with quality materials in Europe and China.

Unlike other companies who specialize in traditional bikes, and for whom e-bikes are a step-child or those who add e-bikes to a line of products such as scooters and skateboards, Quadrini only manufactures electric bikes. “It is my belief that the laser-focus Quadrini places on their product results in the highest quality, best quality e-bike on the market”, says Bob Nuttleman, CEO of Quadrini-USA.

As the only US distributor of Quadrini, Bob has been networking with brick and mortar store owners and visiting events and trade shows to give people an opportunity to try out these fantastic bikes.

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