Engineered for quality, reliability, performance and corrosion resistance

3-speed switch for Low, Medium and High power levels

5-speed electronic transmission

Quiet operation hub motor with zero carbon emissions

Adjustable side mirrors

Regenerative braking in addition to front and rear disc brakes

Regenerative braking puts power back into the battery

Highly configurable controls (ability to limit current, speed, temperature and more)

E-brake motor cutoff (cuts power to the motor when either or both brake levers are depressed)

Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) adjustable in both controller (default 56V) and display (default 62V)

System information displayed:

(1) battery power available and consumed

(2) instantaneous motor temperature

(3) instantaneous, average and maximum speed

(4) instantaneous and maximum power

(5) instantaneous and maximum current

(6) instantaneous, minimum and maximum voltage

(7) miles traveled

(8) motor run time

(9) number of battery charge cycles

(10) amount of battery power reclaimed from regenerative braking

and much more.

Twist throttle for power on demand. Electrical and human power completely independent from one another. Use as much motor power as you want while pedaling as much or as little as you want.

Differences between Tall and Short Geared Models

Tall geared model is a 5-speed designed for flatter terrain, with meaningful pedaling between 1 and 45 mph.

Short geared model is a single speed with extremely low gearing with meaningful pedaling between 1 and 8 mph.

Tall geared bike has 70T chain ring, 13-32 5-speed freewheel, 190mm dropouts, Vee Snowshoe 2XL in the rear and 44mm head tube.

Short geared bike has 20T chain ring, 23T single speed freewheel, 170mm dropouts, Vee Snowshoe XL in the rear and EC34 head tube.