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Police / Safety / Security Personnel

Quadrini e-bikes offer a faster, more powerful response than a traditional bicycle. Imagine the ability to manuever on roads, sidewalks, and trails with the same control as a standard bicycle but with much less effort. Your staff will arrive on the scene with more energy, giving them the ability to provide assistance at their full capacity instead of having to "catch their breath" before rendering aid.

Professional package enhancements include night and safety lighting and first aid kit. Customization is also available to coordinate with your department's current fleet.

E-bikes offer a cost effective solution for budget concious departments over a motor vehicle or motorcycle. Your staff will find it easier to navigate on sidewalks, paths, lawns and trails, getting them to locations quicker and with greater ease.

Much like a traditional bicycle, E-bikes also allow increased interactation with the public, removing the barrier of a full size vehicle. It also takes the same size and shape that people are familar with in the common bicycle.

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